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Welcome to our Plastering Services at ArtsWork Indiana! Our skilled plastering professionals are here to enhance your spaces with expert plastering solutions. Whether you’re renovating your home, restoring historical properties, or working on creative DIY projects, our team has the expertise to deliver outstanding plastering results.

Our Plastering Services

Interior and Exterior Plastering

Interior Plastering Excellence

Our interior plastering services are designed to create a flawless and smooth finish for your indoor spaces. Whether you need plastering for walls, ceilings, or intricate decorative elements, our experts will provide precision and craftsmanship that elevates your interiors.

Exterior Plastering Durability

For the exterior of your home or building, our exterior plastering services offer not only aesthetics but also protection against the elements. Our team excels in providing durable and weather-resistant exterior plaster finishes to enhance the curb appeal and longevity of your property.


Plaster Repair and Restoration

Plaster Repair and Restoration

Expert Plaster Repair

Is your existing plaster showing signs of wear and damage? Our plastering professionals are skilled in repairing and restoring both interior and exterior plaster surfaces. We’ll bring back the original charm of your spaces with meticulous plaster repair work.

Historical Plaster Restoration

Preserve the historical authenticity of your property with our historical plaster restoration services. We specialize in replicating traditional plastering techniques to restore historical buildings and structures to their former glory.


Decorative Plasterwork

Creative Plaster Design

Looking to add artistic and decorative elements to your interiors? Our team excels in creating custom decorative plasterwork. From ornate moldings and medallions to intricate ceiling designs, we can turn your vision into stunning plaster reality.

Custom Plaster Finishes

Our decorative plasterwork includes custom finishes such as textured and faux plaster finishes, adding depth and character to your spaces. Transform your interiors with unique plaster designs tailored to your style.

DIY Plastering Workshops

Learn the Art of Plastering

Interested in mastering the art of plastering yourself? Join our DIY plastering workshops! Our experienced instructors will guide you through plastering techniques, tools, and creative applications. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, our workshops cater to all skill levels.

Hands-On Experience

In our workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to work with plastering materials and tools, gaining hands-on experience to tackle your own projects with confidence.

Contact Us to Get Started

Ready to transform your spaces or learn the art of plastering? Contact us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our upcoming DIY workshops. At ArtsWork Indiana, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your plastering goals. Let’s bring beauty and craftsmanship to your projects together!

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