Starting a Photography Business in Indiana

Starting a Photography Business in Indiana

Indiana Photography is something that can be done by anyone. No need to have a fancy camera or anything like that! All you really need is a phone, or a camera, even a disposable camera will do! We have an ultimate guide of where to go if you are wanting to attend classes, where to get baby photos, wedding photography and more!


You may even want to know how to start a photography business step by step.

Alternatively, If you are looking to study Photography there are some official courses that run in various places. Here are a few we would recommend:

  • Indiana University Photography
  • Photography Classes Evansville Indiana
  • Photography Classes Bloomington Indiana

Types of Photography Business

Wedding Photography

Perhaps one of the most well known ways to make a dollar or two in photography. Wedding photography Indiana requires an eye for detail, and finesse. It requires you to be very present and capture those moments on the special day that perhaps is a candid moment between the newlyweds or indeed the guests. There is a lot of scope here for Candid photography, Abstract photography, and composition photography. 

Newborn Photography

If you are fine to work with clients, baby photography can be super cute, and rewarding. We all know how hard it can be trying to get a baby to smile, so you may have some bad days, but baby photography can be great, and earn a decent wage. Everybody loves getting professional shots of their kid, and if they are good they will keep coming back and tell their friends! Newborn Photography indiana is high in demand. 

Portrait Photography

couple photoshoot
couple photoshoot

Similar to Newborn photography – Portraits rely on you having a good rapport with the people you are picturing, and making them feel natural and at ease. This can be harder than it sounds especially if you have some difficult customers. This can also be done with some iso photography skills to gain some interesting shots. In this field you could also branch off into Nude Photography and Boudoir photography.  This sort of photography relies on the rule of thirds and realize that you know about the rules of composition in photography. 

This sort of imagery can be sellable to artists looking for references in their artworks. 

Real estate Photography

If you are good at still life, and building photography you may also be able to take some great real estate images. This is brilliant for if you are a good macro photographer too. 

This sort of photography is brilliant for gaining money, and selling your work, because there is always real estate on the market!

Finding your photography art style is hard, view out blog post on how to find your art style if you are stuck!

Photography spots in Indiana.

You may be looking for photography spots near me, well we have chosen a select few, from our own personal choice, and asking other photographers what are their favourite spots

You can stop searching ‘Good photography spots near me’! And more because we have a definitive guide. Here are some guaranteed locations you will get the perfect photo. 


Indiana state fair

Looking to experiment with light, and shutter speeds? The state fair has all sorts going on, and there will never be a dull moment! Capture bright neon lights, and a world in motion with all of the fair rides going on!

Indiana Basketball

Seeing the Indiana Hoosiers play is a thrilling experience, but imagine taking some action shots. Fast shutter speeds, and super zoom lens would be fab for catching the action up close and personal.

Indiana University

If you like taking pictures of buildings, or more still life structural photography, maybe head to the University campus. One of the oldest universities in the US. 

Evansville Indiana

Here we have a brilliant mix of nature and the city. Take some nature shots on the river, or even (with permission) take some wonderful portraits and street photography. The possibilities are endless. 

With these options, and variations, you will maybe even have enough experience to starting a photography business in Indiana. There are a lot of types of Photography, and sometimes it is better to specialize in one type, so you can become an expert in your chosen and desired field. 

Remember if you are taking photos out and about it is good to know your rights. Keep a copy of this article on your rights when stopped or confronted on photography.

Many famous photographers have come to have their art featured in galleries, and art museums. Check out our gallery for more info!

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