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marina abramovic

marina abramovic

There is naturally a crossover between the arts and music. Both are inherently – art. So how do we differentiate and define? and where does it juxtapose?

Take a walk through our exhibition and discover a melding of the musical, and the artist. Performance art will take place in the main gallery, contact us for more details of where and when this will happen. Music & Arts naturally go hand in hand to create and elevate each others performance. Music benefits sometimes from a visual – and art a background in which to get into the feel of the painting.

We also have a Marina Abramovic installation which follows on from Marina Abramovic the artist is present work, and continues to move, and perplex people. This is not to be missed.

Come and see where there is no line, and music art is the genre in its self. A wonderful feast for the eyes and imagination. Rooted in contemporary with classic elements. We also have mixed media installations for the performing arts, as well as showcasing students from Denver center for the performing arts.

If this wasn’t enough, we are running art workshops, jam nights and brainstorming sessions for people to come along and enjoy the space. This will be lead by the students from the Broward center for the performing arts.


art painting

art influenced by music

Please take a visit to our gallery and wonder at the pure performance spaces, and how they can give clarity and peace. Calming music is brilliant for this, but we believe the mix of any music combined with art can have the same effect.

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