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  • Featured Quote on Careers in the Arts

    “Don't pursue a career in the Arts unless you love the Arts truly, madly, deeply. And do not have any delusions about what awaits you both in educational settings, and in the job market. …If you think you're gonna get a break because you have a disability, think again. …You better be the best you can be at what you do, and do not allow yourself to use your disability as an excuse NOT to work continually and consistently towards total professionalism and high standards of quality.”
    -- Jaehn Clare, professional theatre artist, from "A Career as an Artist Ain't an Easy Row to Hoe," keynote address for The Art of Employment: Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities on March 25 & 26, 2002 at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN.

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ArtsWORK Indiana Depends on You!

People in many different roles can help create greater opportunities for access to employment in the arts. Do any of the people below describe you?

  • Individuals working in the arts, both with and without disabilities
  • Youth and adults seeking a career in the arts
  • Professionals in job and career preparation: educational and vocational counselors, job developers and more
  • Arts educators
  • Employers of people in arts-related work
  • Policy makers, arts administrators, and representatives of funding agencies
  • Businesses that support the arts
  • Family members, friends, and advocates of people with disabilities

What Can I or My Arts Organization Do?

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  • Hire an artist, writer or performer with a disability. Purchase their work.
  • Add an artist with a disability to your board.
  • Send Events or Opportunities you'd like to see on the ArtsWORK website.
  • Sponsor an inclusive arts event.
  • Contribute news and information, write an article, or send photos for the website.
  • Share your expertise: Mentor an emerging artist.
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    Volunteer with VSA Indiana. Serve as a grants panelist for the Indiana Arts Commission.

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    People in the Arts:
    Musician Henry Butler

    See profiles of a few of the many accomplished individuals working in diverse fields of the arts who also have a disability.
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  • Gina Soo Golden: The Gray Room

    Featured Artwork by:
    Gina Soo Golden

    Gina Soo Golden is a painter from Indianapolis, Indiana. “I like to mix realism and surrealism.” “I aim to give a visual definition of feelings one could never quite describe with words,” she has written in her artist statement. Pictured above: The Gray Room.
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  • art by Nicolas Lyford-Pike: Toyota Avalon

    Featured Artwork by:
    Nicolas Lyford-Pike

    Nicolas Lyford-Pike is an artist from Columbus, Indiana. Pictured above: Toyota Avalon.
    read more about Nicolas Lyford-Pike

  • painting by Warren Miller: Rub-a-Dub

    Artwork by:
    Warren Miller

    Warren Miller is an artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. Pictured above: Rub-a-Dub.

  • Wug Laku: Earth Poems

    Featured Artwork by:
    Wug Laku

    Wug Laku is an artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. "My art is about ideas and finding the purest, simplest ways of expressing them," he says. Pictured above: Earth Poems.
    read more about Wug Laku

  • photograph: The Ruins by Stu Johnson

    Featured Artwork by:
    Stu Johnson

    Stu Johnson specializes in Central Indiana subjects, from black and white shots of architectural landmarks, to picture-postcard fall landscapes, to prints of trucks and buses digitally enhanced with tie-dye colors.. Pictured above: The Ruins.
    read more about Stu Johnson

  • Blue Moon, art by Susan Gorsen

    Artwork by:
    Susan Gorsen

    Louisville, KY artist Susan Gorsen has exhibited her art in New Albany and served as Artist-Facilitator for ArtsWORK New Albany. Pictured above: Blue Moon.